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Kids and springtime

Kids and springtime go together like peanut butter and jelly. While I don’t keep a lot of portrait clients, I do have a few and I generally get to see them around spring ┬ábefore the weather heats up too much for summer and everything is green and blooming. I like that I can maintain a half-way decent report with kids (something that is not always easy for me, especially before they can “use their words”). One of my favorite things about shooting kids is the outtakes. I know that parents typically want hands at their sides and pretty smiles during a portrait session, but kids are so expressive and when they are bored of sitting still, uber hyper because we are outside (usually at a cool park or the like), or on the verge of a meltdown they really do wear it all on their faces.






Thanks to Emmy and Eden and Whitley and fam, had a great time this year, as always. Coincidentally, both of my clients are also expecting and I can’t wait to meet the new additions to the families! Here are my picks of favorite pics from both portrait sessions.

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