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Newborn photography is a bit of uncharted territory for me, but as I mentioned previously both of my portrait clients were expecting. (Both have had happy, healthy deliveries, so congrats to both of you!) Despite the fact that I have never shot a newborn before and don’t have any of the special stuff that makes it easier (like a bean bag ottoman or one of those nets you hang the baby in) I nevertheless showed up with bells on.

Newborn photography is an interesting area that falls somewhere between portraiture and product photography. The photos need to be taken in about the first few weeks of life when they really just sleep most of the time so that they can kind of be molded. It is a portrait of course, but the babies also need to be styled. I’m assuming this is what was going through the head of Anne Geddes when she made her start. Luckily for this baby, I’m not that cutesy. Luckily for us, the baby had a little gas so we at least got a smile out of her. In case anyone is wondering, I used only natural light for these. I prefer natural light anyway, especially for children. We just shifted the crib in front of a window on a bright day and bada-bing! Nature’s light kit was ready to go.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to (drumroll please…)

Sabine Adair!


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