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The Outer Mountain Loop: Can you hack it?

Backpacking Big Bend’s famed Outer Mountain Loop. Is it as difficult as they say?

Caddo Lake

There is a place of magic and mystery that straddles the Northern East Texas and Louisiana border. It’s a lake, of sorts, though once you’ve reached its depths it is more akin to a swampland where it’s difficult to tell where the lake ends and the wetlands begin. Cyprus trees grow tall throughout with knees that poke up through the water looking for a breath of fresh air.

A real fall experience in beautiful Boise

In late October, I headed to Boise to visit a very good friend of mine and her wonderful family. I was pretty stoked, because living in Dallas, our “fall” does not exactly produce the warm jewel tones of foliage that the better part of the country gets at this time of year. First, my friend took me to a lookout point called Table Rock. It has a wonderful view of the city.

A week without TV

So during the week of Halloween, me and the hubby decided to give up TV. Not even really for a full week, just the work week mostly. It’s not that I’m against TV or anything, I’m as big of a TV junkie as anyone and after all, I had everything I might miss DVR’d. The hubs and I are like most people I assume; sometimes we have weeknight functions, but mostly our weeknights involve

Side project: Laura’s Wild Kitchen

Hello out there. I’ve been a little off my blog-posting game lately, mainly because I’ve been cooking up a new side project. Literally.

For anyone that doesn’t know me very well, I am a slightly obsessed foodie and I love to cook. My husband is also a hunter. This means we not only have a deep freezer full of very lean and very

Rocky Mountain High

I’ve said before (and will likely say again) how much it irks me when travel photographers rest on the exotic to create compelling images and refuse to turn their camera homeward bound. Even the very global Ami Vitale turns her lens back to the US sometimes, and not even always during conflict or times of strife as she is often wont to do overseas.

Caye Caulker and locally sourcing Marie Sharp’s

Some how our trip to Belize last year got lost in the shuffle and I never really followed up with any posts about it. Maybe it’s because we stayed in one place (as in, literally, one tiny island and the same accommodations) for the whole 10 days, or maybe it’s because we went with a big group so it felt a little more like a week-long beach party than the typical adventure-filled weeks jam-packed

Caution: these sunflowers are undead

Being a freelancer is tough, especially because work comes in waves. You are busy, busy, busy then suddenly the work dries up and you’re like, “Crap! What happened to my pipeline?” For any entrepreneur out there, keep your head up, stay calm, and for Christ’s sake keep your finances prepared for dry spells. Oh, and if you ignore all of those things, at least KEEP WORKING. The slow

Good morning, don’t wake me

Newborn photography is a bit of uncharted territory for me, but as I mentioned previously both of my portrait clients were expecting. (Both have had happy, healthy deliveries, so congrats to both of you!) Despite the fact that I have never shot a newborn before and don’t have any of the special stuff that makes it easier (like a bean bag ottoman or one of those nets you hang the baby in) I

Namibian Notions: Skeleton Coast and Swakop

On the last leg of our journey, we headed further west to the Skeleton Coast and then all the way down the coast to Swakopmund. As we headed west, the terrain started to change pretty quickly. The foliage became far and few between and the land turned rugged, rocky, then finally sandy as we entered the Namib desert. While there is really not a lot to do between Etosha National Park

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About me

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